About auzure

auzure is the result of years of hard work by two farming brothers Bob and Pete Mac Smith.

In the early 1990’s, the fifth generation Orange-district farmers had a vision to value add to the crops they grew on their property near the picturesque village of Cudal in Central Western NSW.

The brothers now control the whole supply chain from the growers through to pressing and packaging, right through to distribution to consumers.

It means they can guarantee full traceability and control over quality, Non-GM certification and sustainability, which in turn means you can trust auzure. Australian Grown Canola Oil.

Our story

Our story starts with canola seeds and the growers who plant and nurture those seeds through all the growth stages – from tiny plants through to the gorgeous yellow carpet of canola flowers and pod development, onto windrowing and harvest and finally delivery to our Manildra plant. Our growers are an integral part of our story – as without them, there’d be no auzure.


auzure Canola Oil’s sought after nutritional properties make it the healthy choice for everyone interested in improving their health and leading a healthy life.



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