It all starts here. Paddock to Plate.

Our story starts with canola seeds and the growers who plant and nurture those seeds through all the growth stages – from tiny plants through to the gorgeous yellow carpet of canola flowers and pod development, onto windrowing and harvest and finally delivery to our Manildra plant. Our growers are an integral part of our story – as without them, there’d be no auzure.

Since 1991, we’ve forged vital relationships and built trust with more than 1000 growers who tirelessly work, methodically enrich, carefully cultivate and sow pristine fertile farming land in New South Wales. We work hand in hand with these talented farmers to produce beautiful auzure Canola Oil. Our farmers pride themselves on their fertile soils, their rich pastures, their dedication to agriculture and sustainability, clean trusted food production and of course their passion about producing the best canola possible.

4 star health rating - auzure canola oil - from paddock to plate

Meet some of the farmers we’re proud to call our growers.