For the last 25 years, hundreds of Australian chefs, home cooks and large food producers have come to know and love our canola oil.
We’ve earned the trust of the people behind the country’s well known food brands who continue to seek our oil for its reliable quality.
auzure is sought after for its cooking attributes including its:

Canola Oil drop

Neutral, subtle taste which doesn’t change the flavour of your culinary creations and lets the other ingredients shine through

Canola Oil drop

Light and versatile properties

Canola Oil drop

Smooth texture

Canola Oil drop

High smoke point

Meet some of the chefs who use auzure Canola Oil

Ivan Podres
Sweet Sour Salt – Orange

Ivan Podres owns and operates the well known modern Asian restaurant Sweet Sour Salt in the thriving regional city of Orange. Over the last seven years, Ivan and his team of talented chefs have established a reputation as the leading modern Asian food establishment in the well-known foodie city.

Ivan is passionate about cooking (and eating) good Asian food and enjoys using locally grown and sourced pork, lamb and vegetables in his healthy dishes. We’ve heard of people driving hours to order and enjoy Sweet Sour Salt’s signature dish – the soft shell crab. The dish is fried in auzure Canola Oil and served with a delicious green papaya salad.

Sweet Sour Salt trusts the versatility of auzure combined with its clean flavour and healthy attributes. Ivan uses it for pan and deep frying, as well as in salad dressings where neutral taste is demanded to ensure clean, fresh flavours of the salad aren’t impeded by a strong tasting oil.

auzure. Trusted by Australian chefs.

Edwena Mitchell
Edwena Mitchell Catering

Edwena Mitchell’s fabulous expansive professional home kitchen overlooks paddocks of stunning yellow canola flowers that her farmer husband Richard is growing for auzure. Paddock to Plate at its best!

Edwena has never advertised her catering company. She’s never needed to! Word of mouth about her delicious, locally sourced produce hand crafted into delightful morsels does all the leg work she’s ever needed. If you’ve tasted anything she’s cooked, you’d understand why.

Edwena buys the best local produce she can from local butchers, greengrocers, goat farms and of course our auzure Canola Oil. For the last 25 years she’s transformed the best the Orange region has to offer into everything from tasty elegant finger food to platters and formal sit down dinners.

She knows the Orange region and what it has to offer like the back of her hand. She should. Edwena has been on the Orange FOOD Week Committee almost continually since it started 25 years ago. She was a stall holder at the 1st FOOD Affair in 1991 and hasn’t missed a single Night Market during the well known and respected Orange FOOD Week since its inception.

Edwena Mitchell Catering is in high demand and at some times of the year, she is booked each and every weekend. Spend a morning in the kitchen with Edwena and you’ll soon see why!

She’s a self-taught cook, having learnt from trial and error, a love of fine food and perfecting recipes. Edwena started making cakes for the Molong based Upstairs Downstairs in the 1980’s. She offered to cater for a 40th wedding anniversary in 1990 and she caught the catering bug. Her first paid job was the Outstanding Orange Business Awards in 1991 where she lovingly prepared a sit down meal for 400 people. Nothing like starting big! Edwena has never looked back. It’s safe to say she’s the best caterer West of the Blue Mountains.

Edwena chooses auzure as it’s “simply fantastic.” She says it’s the most versatile oil for shallow and deep frying as well as using for her fabulous oven-roasted crostini. The perfect accompaniment for a platter showcasing the best the Orange region has to offer! Edwena chooses auzure for its neutral taste, reliability, provenance and links to the region.

auzure. Trusted by Australian chefs.