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Treat your mum in bed this Mother's Day with this crunchy granola bursting with nuts and dried fruit. Tweak it by using your mum's favourite dried fruit and nuts. An easy to follow recipe created especially for young cooks!
Serves: 5 generous servings
  • ¼ Cup (60ml) auzure Canola Oil
  • ¼ Cup (60ml) maple syrup
  • 1 T (5ml) vanilla extract
  • 1T cinnamon
  • 2 Cups (200g) rolled oats
  • ½ Cup (45g) desiccated coconut
  • ½ Cup (30g) flaked coconut
  • 1 Cup (150g) nuts and/or seeds, roughly chopped (We used almonds and hazelnuts)
  • 1 Cup (150g) dried fruit (We used sultanas and dried peaches)
  1. Heat a large cast iron skillet or frying pan over medium heat.
  2. Add auzure Canola Oil, maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon and stir to combine.
  3. When auzure starts to sizzle, add rolled oats and nuts. Coat and stir occasionally until the mix starts sticking to the bottom.
  4. Stir through coconut flakes and desiccated coconut, and toast until the coconut starts to colour.
  5. Take off the heat and slowly stir through your chosen fruit.
  6. Either leave to cool in pan, or if using a heavy based/cast iron skillet, transfer granola to a baking tray to cool
  7. Once cooled, the granola will be lovely and crunchy. Transfer to an airtight container.
  8. Serve with your choice of milk, fresh fruit and a dollop of yoghurt or thick cream.
  9. Makes roughly 5 cups.
  10. Store in an airtight container for up to three weeks.